Add Breezy Knee-length & Designer Maxi Dresses to Your Closet 

  • 6 months ago

The breezy and comfortable flare dress, also known as a maxi dress or a knee-length dress, is quite popular among young women and girls. The flirtatious silhouette is beautifully flowy, distinctive, easy to wear, and lends the wearer a uniquely subtle grace. Maxi and knee-length dresses have been around for a considerable period of time and, rest assured, they will remain in style for much longer.

Why are these classic styles so well-liked? Here’s an introduction to the maxi dress, what makes it such an effortless choice, and related fashion trends.

Unique Beauty and Incredible Comfort in One Look

The words elegant and innovative come to mind when asked to sum up the popular women’s dress styles for the summer of 2022. While designer maxi dresses as well as knee-length dresses are a vision of elegant grace and poise, their light and flowy forms promise comfort, flexibility, and easy, unrestricted mobility irrespective of the length of the dress or shape of the skirt.

Designer dresses in India today find unique ways to blend traditional crafts like Bagru, Chikankari, Kalamkari, Kashida, Leheriya, Ajrakh, and more. Be picture-perfect in dresses that bring out your quiet charm hand-in-hand with the fun, creative side of you. Choose from colour schemes that celebrate resist dyeing techniques, ombre shades, showers of fine block prints achieved by hand, and bold metallic colour tints seamlessly blending into each other.

Discover luxurious dresses with sequin constellations, breathtaking floral motifs, contrasting hemlines, interesting asymmetric hemlines, kaftan drawstrings, off-shoulder saree-style drapes, layered and ruffled skirts, and smart belts that complement every feminine form. Find mesmerising jewel tones, soothing sorbet shades like lime, mint and peach, easy neutrals, electric blues, and a dramatic interplay of back and white.

Maxi dresses and knee-length dresses exude a classic, timeless charm. What’s even better is that the options are endless when it comes to pairing the look with footwear. Sneakers, stilettos, loafers, flip-flops, ankle boots, peep-toes, pumps – you name it.

Strategise Your Wardrobe Upgrade

Get your next easy breezy maxi dress, designer knee-length dress, and other summer staples at a wide range of online platforms like Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Ajio Luxe, Tata Cliq Luxury, and the like. Find updated styles from Pooja Bagaria, Nadima Saqib, Kahani Lush, Yavi, Maison Blu, Paulmi & Harsh, Veera Wear, Shahin Mannan, Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan, Kyra By Bhavna, and many more well-loved names.

Keep your closet stocked for the next upcoming brunch, soiree, beach party, dinner date, and the next vacation you’ve been planning to that exotic tropical resort. Choose from designer looks for the next level of comfort and grace as you travel, dance, work, or simply relax.

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