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I’m not a doctor, but I do know a few “medical” terms. A medical term is a descriptive phrase that describes a condition or medical condition. This includes a medical diagnosis, medical condition, medical treatment, and medical advice.

For example, a medical term can describe a condition as “a cancerous tumor” or “inflamed skin.” Medical terminology is a big topic. We have the official medical dictionary at Oxford, but there are other medical dictionaries like the American Medical Association dictionary, the American Medical Association dictionary, or the Medical Dictionary by AICM.

For anyone who wants to be a medical vocabulary expert, it doesn’t just have to be a dictionary. It can be a video on YouTube, an app on your phone or computer, or a newspaper article.

I can’t believe that in the past five minutes I’ve seen an app for Apple, Google, and Amazon devices that could be called a medical dictionary. For those of us who don’t know what a medical dictionary is, the idea of a medical dictionary like Oxford is a little intimidating. But I guess even that word is a little intimidating.

I have my doubts that a medical dictionary will ever exist. Not that the medical community is particularly secretive, but I think the most likely method of getting one to exist would be to hire a really good dictionary maker to create one, so that a medical person would be able to use it in a doctor’s office. And that’s a long way away from creating a medical dictionary. You can’t even create a medical dictionary on a computer today.

I have a few questions.

How did you come up with the idea for athero? It seemed like an interesting idea, but I figured it was way too complicated and didn’t really fit into the normal world of medicine.

The concept was to make a dictionary that allowed you to create a simple disease diagnosis by combining all the symptoms of a disease. I had to build it on a website (which is why I have the site link in my head).

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