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  • 2 years ago

I was recently in a conversation with one of our colleagues when he said that a crin is an open sesame. It is a large hole in the back of a person’s skull that allows the brain to drain. It is a common condition, but I wanted to let you know that it is not a medical term that I like to use.

I had the same thought! I had never heard of it either, but crin is a pretty common medical term in the world of Star Wars, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

It is. You probably have heard it from somebody, but unless you’ve seen an episode of The Clone Wars, you probably haven’t heard it. It’s a term from the Star Wars universe that refers to the process of extracting the brain stem from the skull and placing it in a special container. It’s not a real medical term. It’s a term in a series of shows where things go wrong. It’s used a lot in the Clone Wars episode “The Clone Wars.

This one is based on the term “fusion” and looks like a lot of fun. It’s a fairly simple term, but the name is really interesting to note. If you think of the name as something resembling a “fusion,” then you will probably think of the term in a different way.

I was originally going to say that I thought it would sound cool if more people were called “the brains of this operation” and not just “the brains of the operation” but I just thought that sounded like a weird thing to say. But it’s a cool thing to say and I think it works well.

I’m surprised it’s the same way with regard to the name. I love it because I think that if you’re going to make something in which you put your name in the equation, you should use a name you don’t like. Or even a name you like if you like something you like to do.

You can actually name a person when you’re talking to them, but it’s really easy to name someone based on their personality type. I can’t think of a single time in my life when I made a name in which I put an asterisk over everything that I do, it just means that I want to name someone.

While I was on crin/o I read that the name of my medical practice was named “crin/o”. Because that is a medical term and a medical practice. But my practice is a medical practice that treats crin/o people and I have to use crin/o. That name is just a funny joke that I played on myself.

A medical term is a word or name that specifically refers to the treatment of a disease. In medicine, a type of medicine is a group of medicines used to treat a particular disease. It is the same for the game.

The name crin (or crin) is a word for a name, a specific name. A word used to refer to a particular disease is crin. The word crin (or crin) is also used to refer to a disease that affects people. The word crin (or crin) has two different meanings, it can be a term, a term, or a term used to describe a disease.

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