Five Reasons Why You Should Avoid Getting Surgeries For Pain Management

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you may be considering getting a surgical procedure to help with your pain. However, there is an alternative in the form of non-invasive methods for pain management, like regenerative medicine. Whether you are suffering from joint pain or any shoulder problems, regenerative medicine has shown positive results in every case without side effects.

On the other, getting surgery exposes you to more significant risks and harms your body more than reasonable. Take a look at these five pointers to understand why you should avoid getting surgeries for pain management:

1. Surgeries Always Have Some Side Effects

Anytime you have surgery, severe side effects are guaranteed to follow. The very nature of surgery means that your body has been opened to some extent, allowing germs and bacteria to enter your system more efficiently. This increases the risk of infection, further prolonging your recovery period and making you unable to do routine activities. Also, there is a risk that the surgery may not improve your mobility or reduce flare-ups as much as you were hoping. 

2. Surgery Does Not Work For All Cases Of Pain

Some patients have had positive experiences with surgery; however, most people find that it does little to improve their condition or relieve their pain. If you want surgery for pain management, follow a doctor’s instructions closely by having a complete consultation. Ask whether the surgery is more likely to benefit your condition and your experience. On the other, the non-invasive methods of QC Kinetix (Midtown) of Little Rock are proven to offer better resolution in pain management. 

3. Higher Costs Than Non-Invasive Methods

Surgeries are never cheap especially the more complicated ones. However, the surgery costs do not include all of your expenses. Aside from the doctor’s billing for anesthesia, medications, and hospitalization, you will also have to pay for rehabilitation treatments and physical therapy sessions. Depending on the severity of your pain, these can cost you thousands of dollars, so it’s best to avoid them in the first place. 

4. Takes More Time To Recover 

Surgery is performed in an operating room, so the procedure may take longer than expected. You can also expect your recovery time to be longer, especially during the first few weeks after surgery. This can mean giving up your job, significant responsibilities, or traveling to ensure your health is not compromised because you wanted to get surgery.

5. Pain Management Is A Better Alternative

There are more natural ways of managing pain through non-invasive alternatives, such as regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine has been proven beneficial for various chronic conditions and ailments, including joint pain, shoulder problems, and so on, without the risks associated with surgeries. 

Regenerative medicine is a far better alternative for pain management than undergoing surgery. You can tackle any chronic pain without experiencing any cuts or stitches. So the best thing to do is talk with your doctor about possible treatment for your pain. 

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