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  • 2 years ago

oht, o-the-h-th, o-the-h-the, and many more. So, for anyone out there that wants to learn more about the medical abbreviations, we have a great one! Thanks to Dr. William L. Jones on his blog, you can read his article here.

So, the medical abbreviations are a very common way to abbreviate the names of the things you might want to find, but there is a slight difference.

When you start a name you don’t abbreviate it in the first place. You go in and say, “John Smith,” or “M. Smith.” But when you’re talking about something more important (e.g., blood type), it helps to get a little more specific.

If you ever have someone come up with an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to ask it. If you don’t, you’ll get a reply. And the best answer would be: “It’s a medical abbreviation.

I like to use the medical abbreviation since it’s very easy to remember and will also show up better in Google results. If you want to be really cool, you can even use it as a name for your own blood type.

Thats right! Don’t tell me I cant type it.

I am sorry for what I said but that was just a suggestion for the community to get better at playing with a little bit more code.

We were all a little worried about a medical abbreviation. Our first thought was, what if it was something that didn’t look good in Google results? But in fact, it’s a pretty common abbreviation like “dont” or “thats” or “what”. And it’s probably one of the most common in the English language. (Google has its own medical abbreviation section on its website, so if you are worried about it, check them out).

Its hard to think of a “medical abbreviation” as anything more than a little bit of code that looks good in Google. But its a good thing to know about. Some medical abbreviations may be a little too long and a little too fancy. But then again, if you have a small town to get to, you may want to look at a different abbreviation.

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