plegia medical term

  • 10 months ago

plegia is a medical term used to refer to a condition in which there is an inability to concentrate or work.

To be precise, I think the word means that he’s just not getting enough of a buzz from his life. I think the word means he’s not in a state of high alert, and that’s not good.

I think that the word plegia is also used to refer to being unaware of the fact that you are having a brain aneurysm, or that your heart has stopped beating. I think that the term plegia means that hes not in a good state, and I think that the word means hes not getting enough of a buzz from his life.

I’m sure there are a couple of other words that have similar meanings, but the word plegia is the only one I am aware of that refers to a lack of buzz.

plegia is a medical term that describes someone who is awake and alert, but not getting enough of the life-force of his body. It is used to describe a person who continues to get too much of the life-force of their body, even though they are not actually in a bad state.

plegia is a common medical term, used by doctors when a person is very sick. It is used as a warning to the person that if they fail to get enough of the life-force, they will die. The person who is suffering from plegia will not die, but they will be unable to get enough of the life-force from their bodies.

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To be continued…

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