Secrets About Crypto Coin Promotion

Want to boost your crypto coin’s price? This article will reveal six ways you can use these free marketing tips to increase your crypto coin’s prices.

There are many methods an entrepreneur can use to promote their cryptocurrency, but the best ones tend to get the farthest and have bloggers cutting them lines of credit as they near success. We found six great ways in this quick read that anyone can implement into their crypto promotion strategy, without any prior knowledge on digital currencies. If you want more traffic and investor leads for your cryptocurrency, look no further!

1) Have a blog with substantial writing experiences relevant to your spot: 

Bloggers usually write about something that they are familiar with themselves. If you want to increase your cryptocurrency’s price, you have to have something that is related to your cryptocurrency. One way of doing this would be to have a blog that has been written about previously by other bloggers.

Strong writing experiences:

Blockchain article with 300 words or more

Repetitive blog posts

Blog posts with over 1,000 comments on average

2) Join a crypto coin-oriented subreddit:  

Reddit has been growing in popularity in the past few years . A popular subreddit called ‘r/Bitcoin’ happens to be one of the largest communities on Reddit. It has over 650,000 users that enjoy discussing cryptocurrency and sharing their experiences. For example, most of the users are more on the side of supporting Bitcoin. However, there are also those who are very interested in promoting altcoins.

3) Share your crypto coin’s progress on Twitter:  

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms out there and you can use it to promote your crypto coin. All you need to do is find interesting things to say about your cryptocurrency and start sharing them on Twitter every so often.

4) Start a thread in the forum:  

The main idea behind this tip would be to share your crypto coin’s progress on forum and then, use the link on your website on all the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to increase your crypto coin’s exposure. You will be able to get traffic from all over the world, who might not even have heard of your crypto coin yet but can now see how much progress it has been making. Website list is here.

5) Post positive crypto coin comments on LinkedIn:  

This is a common practice among successful bloggers. They will write something positive about their crypto coin on LinkedIn, then they will share it with their friends and colleagues and the blog readers from LinkedIn. This will help your crypto coin to get in front of an audience that you won’t be able to reach otherwise.

6) Use your blog as an advertisement for your crypto currency:  

You can actually use any blog site as an advertising platform for your cryptocurrency. But, if you want to really get people talking about your cryptocurrency, then it would be better if you can make a blog post or even a Google Ad – like page all about promoting your cryptocurrency.

7) Let people know about your blog posts through email marketing:  

Email marketing is more reliable than social media sites today. You can easily get thousands of subscribers, who’ll visit your blog and share it with their friends. This will help your crypto coin gain more exposure.

8) Use your cryptocurrency’s forum as a blog and promote it everywhere:  

Just like, you can use different cryptocurrency forums to share your knowledge and experience with everyone around the world and know about seo link building. They don’t have a huge audience but it is a great way to share your thoughts and make people interested in your crypto coin.

9) Start a website about digital currencies and integrate all social media platforms into it:  

You can create an inbound link for your website on all other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. This will help you in increasing traffic for your website without even having to spend money on promoting it anywhere on the internet.

10) Build a social media strategy for your crypto coin:  

You can read about how to build a social media strategy for your crypto coin on our website .

We hope that this quick read will help you increase your crypto coin’s popularity and get the attention of investors and bloggers alike. You don’t have to be a developer just to have an idea of promoting your cryptocurrency. You don’t even need to have the funds to do so. All you need is a strong passion and the willingness to share it with others.


If you are looking for a way to increase the popularity of your crypto coin, then you can always find ways that you can use it. There is a lot of competition in the crypto world but the most important thing is that you are confident in your product and your project.

Even if your cryptocurrency is not yet successful, all you have to do is be confident and believe in what you are doing. You will gain their confidence, which will help them when they decide to invest in your coin.

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