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It is a great way to describe what’s in your hands when you’re in the middle of an emergency and you’re unsure what is going to happen. It has been a great way to describe the medical term “tacitat” (tacitadien) for some time. It could be shortened to medical abbreviation for this reason.

This is a bit of a technical matter. In the past, it was taken from the Greek word for “medical” and a pretty standard one. But after a while it turned into an extremely technical term, and the scientific and medical part of the term stuck.

The medical abbreviation is shorthand for a medical term. It is a Latin term that is used in medicine for things like the abbreviation for a certain kind of blood clot. It is a common medical term that is used in the field of medicine. The medical abbreviation is also used in other fields, not just medicine. The medical abbreviation can be used for any kind of medical term. The medical abbreviation can be used for a medical term that is a medical abbreviation.

In the medical field, the medical abbreviation is used to help doctors and other health professionals to remember medical terms like blood clot, clotting disorder, and clotting disorder.

A blood clot is an abnormal fluid or clot that forms in the body and is carried by blood or other body fluids.

It’s a common term that’s often used for doctors and health professionals. It’s sometimes translated as “healing.” It’s often used as a way to relieve an unpleasant condition with an active or healing medicine. It’s a medical term that helps to restore or control an emotional state.

In many ways, it’s a handy term for someone to recognize. It may be the one that helped you identify your own medical condition, it may be one of the few medical terms you know, or it may provide a simple way for you to describe an illness you have. In our case, we’re referring to a medical term that helps to prevent, treat, or cure certain illnesses.

In our case, were discussing a medical term that helps prevent, treat and cure certain illnesses. The reason we were discussing this term is because we have a patient who has been diagnosed with a rare illness and had a blood transfusion. The transfusion caused her to have a condition that would prevent her from having periods. We were using a medical abbreviated abbreviation to describe the condition and the procedure that was required to correct it.

We were using a medical abbreviated abbreviation for her case that was used to describe the procedure.

This abbreviation comes from a term that refers to the blood that is given to a patient as a blood transfusion. The word “blood” itself, as a contraction of “blood transfusion,” is a medical abbreviation for this type of transfusion. The term came about because the condition described by the blood donation was a rare one.

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