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A medical abbreviation is a way for doctors to abbreviate medical terms that are not commonly used by medical professionals.

I’m just going to go ahead and make a few assumptions here. We’re dealing with a medical term, so let’s assume that it’s not a medical term that you’ve seen before.

The first thing that pops into our head is the phrase “hemodialysis machine.” This is a medical term that most people may not know about, but it is the treatment used by diabetics to keep their pancreas working. Hemodialysis machines are machines that have tubes in them that are fed into the body to remove toxins and other unwanted substances.

I think the most interesting thing about the term, though, is that the phrase hemodialysis machine sounds like the word Hemo. It’s a word that means something to me that I’ve never heard before. In fact, the term hemodialysis machine is only the second most used word in our database, next to the word hemodialysis.

Apparently, the term hemodialysis machine is used by a lot of people who are having trouble with their kidneys. (Though it has been used in the past to refer to the kidneys of people with diabetes and kidney disease.) In the past, the most common way to dialyze your kidney was with a bag of salt water, which is a liquid with no ionic charge.

Well, that is kind of a problem, but in the end we can’t say for sure. In the past, if the patient could not afford dialysis, they would be placed on a dialysis machine. I am not completely sure that this is true anymore, as there are several companies specializing in dialysis equipment.

But what really happened is that in the past, if you were diabetic and you could not afford dialysis, you were placed on a dialysis machine. Now that is not at all true anymore, as there are many companies that specialize in dialysis machines.

In the old days, people who were doing diabetes were placed on a dialysis machine, and these people were not on a dialysis machine. That is, if their treatment was not completely effective, they were placed on a dialysis machine. Now, many of these people were placed on a dialysis machine.

Dialysis is a very specialized medical procedure, with many different types of machines and medications. There is a lot of variation in the machines, and even the medication that is used. For instance, some machines use a glucose-losing medication, while others don’t. Some machines are equipped with a continuous pump, while others have a dialysis fluid infusion.

That’s why I said many, and I meant most of them. The number of machines used for dialysis varies greatly, and the medications used are also very different. People on dialysis will be using a ton of different types of medication in certain parts of their bodies.

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